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Advent 2016 Week #3 - The Good News

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Advent 2016 - Week #3 :: The Good News 

Reading: The Light of the Whole World (p.184) from the Jesus Storybook Bible and/or Read Luke 2:8-17

Reflection: God gave the Good News of Jesus' birth to shepherds in a field near Bethlehem through Angels! The shepherds made a decision to go and see if what the Angels had told them was true. They found Jesus just as the Angels had said and told everyone their story. 

Conversation: Why do think God chose shepherds (not the most respected of professions in ancient times) the Good News of Jesus' birth before anyone else? Why do you think the shepherds went to see if what they had been told was true? Why did they share with everyone what they had seen and heard? How can we share Jesus through our story? 

Prayer: Spend time in prayer thanking God for the Good News of Jesus, and asking him who he wants us to share the Good News with.

Activity: Plan a way to share the love and/or Good News of Jesus with a person in your neighborhood, school, or place of work. Remember, the Good News should be shared with joy and passion because its important to us and others. Be natural! * Suggestions - gift giving, sharing a meal, writing an encouraging letter

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