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Advent 2016 Week #2 - Promise Fulfilled - The Savior is Born

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Advent 2016 - Week #2 :: The Savior is Born

Reading: He's Here (p.176) from the Jesus Storybook Bible and/or Read Luke 1-2:7

Reflection: God fulfilled His promise by sending Jesus as the Savior of the world. When someone does something they say they are going to do how does it make you feel about that person? Many people expected the Messiah to be a great political or military leader. Why do you think Jesus came as a baby born to a regular Jewish family from a small town? 

Conversation: Joseph and Mary couldn't find a place for Jesus to be born so they settled for a stable. Why would God move the entire Roman Empire and the emperor to get Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, but seemingly not provide a place for them to lodge? What is most important about this story and what is not so important? What are the most important things about our relationship with God in relationship to our lives? What is not so important? 

Prayer: Spend time in prayer thanking God for sending His Son, Jesus, to rescue us from our sins. 

Activity: Fulfill the plans you said you would do with your family/friends. Talk about what it was like to wait and to be excited about the surprise. Talk about what it was like to experience the surprise and how it relates to our hope and anticipation in the return of Jesus. 

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