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Advent 2016 - Week 1 :: God's Promise of a Savior

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Advent 2016 - Week #1 :: God's Promise of a Savior

Reading: The Terrible Lie from the Jesus Storybook Bible and/or Read Genesis Chapter 3 & Isaiah 9:6

Reflection: What does it mean to be rescued from something? When do you call for help? Who would you call to rescue you if there was a fire? What are rescuers like?

Conversation: Adam and Eve disobeyed God. What is it that we need to be rescued from? God made a promise in the Garden. What was the promise? Isaiah talked about someone who was to come. Who was it Isaiah was pointing to? What do you think it was like for God's people to wait for the promised rescuer? How are you called to wait for things in your life? 

Prayer: Spend time in prayer thanking God for fulfilling his promise in the person of Jesus and pray for God to teach you to wait patiently and confidently. 

Activity: Make some special plans with your family or a friend this week, but don't tell them what it is (movie, dinner, fun activity). Each day before the planned activity remind them of its coming arrival. Let their expectation and excitement grow as a reminder of how people waited for Jesus' birth, and how we wait for his return. 

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