Give & Serve


Give & Serve

Give & Serve at RdR

The Bible is full examples of people giving back to the Lord from the blessings he has provided and serving Christ through our time and talents. Here at RdR we believe in giving back to the Lord in several ways, which include: financial giving, giving of your time, and serving others.

RdR is 100% funded by your financial gifts. Whether you desire to give a tithe (10% of your income), a monthly gift of any amount, or a one-time gift we encourage you to give! Scripture speaks repeatedly about money, and at the heart of the message is do not let money control you. We believe giving to the Lord through Church ministry is a great way to practice giving back and letting go of your finances. In any area of our lives as we give back to the Lord he is faithful to bless us more than we can even imagine! Financial gifts at RdR are spent on RdR staff salaries, property rentals for church offices and Sunday service, RdR supported missionaries (local and international), benevolence help for those in need, counseling for people in the congregation, and blessing the body of believers at RdR.

Ways you can give: cash, check made out to Rancho del Rey Church, through Pushpay on the church website, personal stocks, or Family Trusts. At RdR we do not pass an offering basket on Sundays, but we do have an offering box in the back of the Sanctuary where you can place your financial gifts! 

RdR also encourages you to give of your time and talents. Volunteers make up the foundation of our ministries and it is a joy and honor to serve the Lord! Whether you simply want to help pass out bulletins on Sunday morning, or you feel called to lead others we encourage you to serve Jesus with your time and abilities God has blessed you with. Here is a list of ministries you can be involved in:

Sunday Ministry
  • Set-up/Tear-down Ministry
  • Sound Ministry
  • Media & Film Ministry
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Usher & Greeter Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Hospitality Ministry
Weekly Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Meals Ministry
  • Marriage & Counseling Ministry
  • Encouragement Ministry
For more questions about these ministries or how to get involved please email: